Other shells for the NES are lacking in comfort. We fixed that. Modeled from a popular modern console controller, you are free to play your retro games with the comfort of modern controllers. We hope you really enjoy it.

Now available on Etsy

Each shell is custom made.

We 3D print each shell right here in the USA, these are not mass produced. Right now we do not do pre-orders, we will list them as they are made. Each shell will come with spacers to keep the controller centered, and a Velcro tie for cable management.


Quote from somewes - Mario Speedrunner

“The original NES brick controller can be awful for long play sessions especially if you have larger hands. The anti-ergonomic grip with sharp edges and corners caused me to develop calluses and strain a finger which prevented me from playing for months while it healed. My dream was to have a modern grip around the NES controller, but every similar product on ebay and etsy was low quality or somehow less comfortable than the brick itself. When I finally got to try the NES4 controller shell, it was immediately obvious that this is exactly what I have been looking for. The grip is similar to modern controllers which allows for a more relaxed but steady grip so your hands and fingers are not strained. Compared to the other 3d printed shells, this one is much higher quality and infinitely more comfortable. Even the position of the buttons relative to the shell feels perfect. I can play for hours without any issues and I hate that I tortured my hands for so long.”